Results from Big B Pro Wrestling’s Moondog Memorial Battle Royal

The evening started with a bang as Superb Scott Sexton & Immaculate Mike Micas took on the team of Chad Stallings & Eric Benjamin. Sexton & Micas had the upper hand for a lot of the match, working heavily on Chad Stallings. Micas went for the backflip from the top rope and missed. Stallings made the tag to Benjamin and he was able to swing the tide over to Stallings/Benjamin. The action went on the outside of the ring, were Sexton was distracted and Stallings hit a facebuster for the win.

Winner: Chad Stallings and Eric Benjamin

The next match featured John Irons & Blade vs Vic the Bruiser & Shawn Hurley. Hurley started the match working against Blade, who was able to tag out to John Irons. Irons used his size and power to work over Hurley who was finally able to get a tag to Vic the Bruiser. This was the moment that the crowd had waited for as both men are absolute power houses who probably have a combined weight of 600 pounds.

The ring held, but couldn’t contain both of the giants, as the action found it’s way to the outside of the ring. Before going out, Hurley and Blade became legally tagged in the match and Hurley was able to hit Blade with a flying kick to get the win a pin.

Winner: Vic the Bruiser/Shawn Hurley

The next match saw Christian James take on Mr. Fitness. The kids in the crowd quickly became the biggest fans of Mr. Fitness as he climbed in the ring and threw Twinkies out to the kids that have the loudest cheers. James and Fitness went back and forth but the overall size and surprisingly athletic ability of Fitness proved to be too much. Fitness hit James with a spear to secure the pin fall.

Winner: Mr. Fitness

The crowd really came to life for the next match as Rough Rider Roy took on crowd favorite and local hero Nighthawk. Randy Urkel took an unnecessary beating from Rough Rider Roy two weeks ago at “Night of Superstars”, and Nighthawk was determined to settle the score. Urkel accompanied Nighthawk to the ring but the special guest ref Brian Kendall came out and threw white powder in the face of Urkel and handcuffed him to the ring. Nighthawk came to help Urkel, but Roy jumped him from behind. Roy continued the onslaught as he hit Nighthawk with a chair and threw white powder in his face. The Kentucky State commissioner was in attendance, stopped the match, and suspended Roy for 4 weeks. He also ordered a rematch with the stipulation being, the fans bring the weapon and the wrestlers choose which to use.

Winner: Nighthawk by disqualification

After intermission, the fans were treated to a match between Haley Shadows & Jacob Black with Jason Saint, also known as the “Horror Show” taking on Scarlett & Damion in an intergender tag match. Shadows started with the upper hand, but Scarlett was able to use her special ability to contort her body by dislocating her own elbow and shoulder to escape the hold of Haley Shadows. The momentum didn’t last long as Shadows and Black teamed up on Scarlett, while Damion watched helplessly from the side. Black beat on Scarlett and Damion had finally seen enough. He came in cleared the ring, which seemed to give the upper hand back to Scarlett & Damion. Jason Saint intervened by giving Damion a low blow which earned the Horror Show a disqualification.

Winner: Scarlett and Damion by disqualification

Business picked up in a big way the following match as the Big B Pro Wrestling Tag Team Titles were on the line. In a return match from last week,  the champions Miami Mafia took on the Insane Enforcers. From the outset, the Mafia were the aggressors, and took the action to the Insane Enforcers. Ringside commentator Tyler “Mr. Natural” Millay seemed to be distracting Lost Cause Josiah, which enabled Steve Marino and Matt Austin to take advantage. The title match quickly turned into a brawl outside the ring which caused a count out of the Mafia. The Insane Enforcers won, but the Miami Mafia retain the tag team title belts.

Winner: Insane Enforcers by disqualification(Miami Mafia still champs)

It was time for the main even of the evening, the Moondog Memorial Battle Royal. Anticipation in the crowd was high, and the commissioner Mike Postlewaite came out to address the crowd and offer a moment of silence for the Moondogs.

After a big round of applause for the memory of the great Moondogs, Big B Pro Wrestling founder “The Lovely One” Bobby Wilson came out with the Big B Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship belt and addressed the audience. The rules of the Royal was explained and Wilson even told the concession workers that if his hot dog was burnt again in two weeks, he would have to handle some business “Memphis style”.

Due to losing the first match of the evening, Scott Sexton and Immaculate Mike Micas came out as the first two competitors. Being the friends they are, they set in the ring and played rock, paper, scissors until the #3 contestant came out. That happened to be Shawn Hurley who shocked the crowed and stayed in the ring despite being double teamed. #4 to the ring was Jacob Black who was accompanied by Haley Shadows and Jason Saint. #5 to the ring was Damion who was joined by Scarlett. The action was going strong and no one to this point had been eliminated.

#6 to the ring was John Irons, and everyone tried to team up on the giant. Irons pushed the entire roster in the ring to the ground at once. #7 was Mr. Fitness who was doing well as #8 competitor Christian James came to the ring. James was quickly eliminated by Irons but picks up a chair and hits Irons in the back. Irons chases James to the dressing room and is not seen again the rest of the night. Mr. Fitness was eliminated before the #9 competitor Rockso came out. As quickly as Rockso came in the ring, he was thrown out. #10 spot saw Micky Blue come out to the surprise of many in the crowd, and as quickly as he came, Micky Blue was thrown out as well.

#11 was Eric Benjamin and #12 was Chad Stallings who won those spots courtesy of defeating Scott Sexton and Mike Micas in the opening match. The joy was short lived as Benjamin and Stallings were thrown over the top rope. The rivalry from earlier proved to get the best of Damion and Jacob Black as they both unintentionally eliminated each other. That left Shawn Hurley, Mike Micas, and Scott Sexton left in the ring to determine the champion. Micas appeared to eliminate Sexton as Hurley attacked from behind. Hurley and Micas worked over to the rope, trying desperately to eliminate each other. Sexton slides back in the ring and knocks both Hurley and Micas out to win the 1st ever Big B Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. Micas was not at all happy and demanded an answer to why Sexton was still eligible. The word came that Sexton didn’t go over the top rope, but Micas refused to leave. The Immaculate one had to be forcibly removed from the arena which closed the show.

Winner: Superb Scott Sexton (byty by Scarlett and Graves clothing line)