Recap of Big B Pro Wrestling’s “Showdown”

As usual, it was another exciting night of wrestling action at the Dugan Best Recreational Center in Owensboro. The crowd was arguably the largest yet, and by bell time, seats were at a premium. Let’s recap the night of action that started with a moment of silence for Owensboro’s own, Nicky Hayden, who passed away following a bicycling accident in Italy.

The night began with a great 6 man tag match as Lincoln Moseley, Eric Benjamin, and Chad Stallings took on the team of Rockso, Immaculate Mike Micas, and Loverboy. Micas came out to the ring wearing a Duke University t-shirt, and taunted the University of Kentucky fans in the crowd. Lincoln Moseley looked great as he went to the top rope to showcase his athleticism. After tagging in Eric Benjamin, the team of Micas, Loverboy and Rockso went to work on Benjamin. When Stallings and Moseley had enough, they went to help Benjamin and an all out brawl ensued. Moseley was looking to help Benjamin, but Rockso grabbed his foot and drug him out side the ring. Micas hit Benjamin with a finisher for the win.

Winner: Rockso, Immaculate Mike Micas, & Loverboy

The next match saw Big B Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, Superb Scott Sexton, take on two masked wrestlers named Ding and Dong. Dangerous Doug Gilbert was originally scheduled to square off against Sexton, but Gilbert had to withdraw due to an undisclosed injury. Sexton, being furious that Gilbert didn’t show, challenged two contestants to come out and fight. Ding and Dong took him up on the offer and did surprisingly well. Mike Micas came out to offer help to Sexton which caused Ding and Dong  to score the non-title match win. Ox Baker came out after the match and challenged Sexton to a bout on the next show.

Winner: Ding and Dong (didn’t get picture because I was interviewing Grand Master Sexay Brian Christopher)

The last match before intermission saw Jacob Black with Jason Saint take on Big B Pro Wrestling crowd favorite Damion. As soon as Damion came out from the curtain, he shot directly to the ring and took the action right at Black. The action went back and forth, and Black was able to gain the upper hand. Black was hitting Damion on the mat, and Damion was able to sneak in a sleeper hold to apparently defeat Black. However, Jason Saint grabbed the microphone and told the ref that since Damion was on the bottom, his shoulders were pinned. After meeting with commissioner Mike Postlewaite, the referee changed the decision and the match was awarded to Jacob Black. Damion was furious, and hit Jason Saint with a low blow as Saint raised Black’s hand.

Winner: Jacob Black

After intermission, the crowd at Big B Pro Wrestling was treated to a women’s tag team match as Scarlett and Mickie Knuckles took on the team of Haley Shadows and Amazing Maria with Jason Saint. This was the Big B debut of Amazing Maria and she did not disappoint as her in ring ability and working ability really stood out. It was Mickie Knuckles however, that started fast against Haley Shadows. Knuckles tagged in Scarlett, who continued the momentum until Shadows turned the tide. Shadows began to work heavily on Scarlett until she was able to tag in Knuckles. Mickie Knuckles turned the match back to their side until Jacob Black ran out and hit Knuckles with a kick and quickly exited the ring.

Winner: Haley Shadows and Amazing Maria

The Big B tag team title match featured the Miami Mafia take on the Insane Enforcers for the 3rd consecutive time. There had previously been controversy in the finishes of the matches and the Miami Mafia wanted to retain their belts without any controversy. The Miami Mafia was without Matt Austin but Austin was replaced by another member of the Mafia, Bad Attitude Brian Beech. As soon as The Lost Cause Josiah Caine and Brian Kendrick of the Insane Enforcers walked through the curtain, they were attacked by Beech and Steve Marino of the Miami Mafia. As the action made it’s way back to the ring, Brian Kendrick became the legal man for the Insane Enforcers. The Mafia then went to work on Kendrick, and Kendrick was able to turn the tide. Kendrick was in position to deliver a possible match ending move and to the surprise of everyone in attendance, the Lost Cause Josiah Caine turned his back on his teammate and brother Brian Kendrick by kicking him in the leg. The Miami Mafia seemed stunned at the turn of events and was able to pin Kendrick for the win. After the match all 3 gave Brian Kendrick a beating with a chair.

Winner: The Miami Mafia (Steve Marino and Brian Beech)

The main event of the evening saw the culmination of a feud that’s been brewing for several weeks now. Rough Rider Roy with Brian Kaine took on Nighthawk with Randy Urkel in a weapons match. To prevent any interference, Kaine and Urkel  were both handcuffed to the ring post before the match. Roy and Nighthawk wasted no time as they used items such as baking sheets, crutches, metal posts, and a mail box to beat and maul each other. It was then that Kaine got out of his handcuffs and started to beat on Urkel who was helpless while handcuffed to the post. Mama Urkel was able to help her boy get free from the handcuffs and at that point, all hell was breaking loose. The commissioner Mike Postlewaite had seen enough and disqualified Roy because Kaine had escaped from his handcuffs. It was a tough way to end the match, and I have a feeling that we haven’t seen the last of these two going at each other.

Winner: Nighthawk