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Perfect 10
Each week Brandon Ward, and the Road Dogg Roger Turner rank a Top 10 in pro wrestling history. Everything from Top 10 wrestlers ever to the Top 10 WORST themes, complete with classic sound clips! They also play the GARBAGE? or GLORIOUS! Game. @Perfect10cast on Twitter & Instagram
School of Smothers
Tracy Smothers has worked for WWF, WCW, ECW, USWA, JCW, All Japan, TNA Impact, and MANY more! Now Tracy is telling behind the scene stories about his career. From a shoot fight with JBL, to a shoot fight with a legitimate BEAR, Tracy talks about it ALL. If you enjoy Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard, School of Smothers is that turned up to 11! Spinal Tap style!
@SOSonHRN on Twitter and Instagram
Dude, What?!
Brian Sumner considered himself a movie buff until he realized there were 100s of classic movies he had yet to view. On Dude, What?! Brian Watches one of those movies along with co-host Jim Miller, then gives you a review. They also make fun of each other, movies, and pretty much anything else. Fun listen!
@DudeWhatPod on Twitter and Instagram
LIVE on Homers Radio on the MIXLR App immediately following Minnesota Vikings games. With reactions, celebrations, angry rants, mental breakdowns, breaking news, injury reports, & more! Replays available right here!
@SKOLSHOW on Twitter and Instagram
Pod of the 5 Kings
Keep up with Game Of Thrones with updates, opinions, reviews, predictions, and more. NO SPOILERS.
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