Dude, What?! Podcast EP 014 – “Happy Hallowhat the hell was that?!”

In honor of the spooky season, Brian and Jim sit down to watch a classic horror film that Brian (for whatever reason) hasn’t seen yet!  This episode is going to shock some people!


2 thoughts on “Dude, What?! Podcast EP 014 – “Happy Hallowhat the hell was that?!””

  1. I laughed through this entire episode. I haven’t watched Friday the 13th in years, and it want one I watched often afterward.

    Loved the conversation about what makes a good horror film. I think what makes a good horror film for me is plausibility. If it’s something I can picture happening in real life, it instantly becomes scarier to me. Serial killers, evil spirits/exorcisms, and epidemics were always scary when applied to a good script because it supports a root fear I already have.

    “Skakin’ the Bacon” Wow. Lol.

    You’ll get no backlash here. As “iconic” as this franchise is, I never understood why either.

    Thanks for this episode!

    1. Thanks so much Amy, and I totally agree! Be sure to give the Dude What?! guys a like on Facebook and let them know what movie you’d like to have them review for a future episode! 🙂

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