3rd Region Coach of the Year

Our 2017 3rd Region Coach of the Year is Muhlenberg coach Brad Rogles. Thank you Laura Rogles Creager for this awesome article about her brother, and baseball!


When is baseball season over?  For Head Coach Brad Rogles, the answer is simple:  never.  As his older and only sister of 33 years, I can assure you that he wouldn’t have it any other way.  In our small Kentucky town where basketball reigns supreme, Brad had a heart full of baseball from the moment his beloved Grandad threw him that first practice pitch.  His season began that day … and when you cherish the game as he does, it never really ends.  

Brad turned his own backyard into a diamond where neighborhood kids flocked to join the games he organized.  He asked countless questions throughout the T-ball and Little League years, hungry to learn the rules.  He watched every inning played by the St. Louis Cardinals, eagerly absorbing those clever strategies unique to the Major League.  After four years of varsity time as a Muhlenberg South Sun, Brad’s season continued.  He was a starting player on the University of Kentucky’s NCBA team where his wit and laughter put teammates at ease, and his intense grasp on the game equipped them with a mental advantage.  Following graduation, he returned to Greenville where his own high school field would officially welcome him as “Coach Rogles”.  It would also prove to be the very spot where he made his most important throw yet:  an engagement ring to his now wife, Tally.  And the one game that trumps baseball?  Fatherhood.  Brad and Tally coach together as the proud parents of son, Ace, and daughter, Andi.  

No baseball coach will argue the necessity of strong arms and fast legs, but Brad commands more from his Mustangs.  First, he insists on manners.  Win or lose, his players can be seen walking intently to shake the hands of their opponents with an authenticity that is rare; without sportsmanship, there will be no celebration.  Coach Rogles also reminds them to never get rattled.  This proved to be crucial advice this season as the guys could be found successfully bunting with two strikes, making a seamless double play right after an error and just generally performing with the composure of men twice their age.  But undoubtedly, the golden rule of 2017 was that patience truly is a virtue.  The Mustangs did not fear the numbers on the scoreboard.  In fact, falling behind seemed to light their fire.  Facing the strong and worthy Daviess County Panthers in the Regional Championship, they calmly waited for their inning to arrive.  When it did, the Mustangs made history.  

To receive this honor, though incredibly well-deserved, is one of the few things in life that will shake Coach Rogles.  He is notorious for meeting flattery with deflection.  “My team has the talent.  They win the ballgames.”  He can also regularly be heard singing the praises of his unwavering support staff comprised of Coach Jacob Burden, Coach Steve Casey, Coach Eddie Lewis, Coach Patrick Durall, Coach Ross Jones, Coach Ricky Allen and Manager, Will Lewis.  He looks to them for strength and has never been disappointed.  

On Thursday, Muhlenberg County will arrive to the State Tournament, a field our high school baseball program has not taken since 1985.    Like all of you, I simply cannot wait for Lexington to meet this team.  To the Homers Show:  thank you for fueling the passion of our “Stangstas” with the utmost positivity and professionalism.  Your coverage of 3rd Region sports is precisely the caliber of journalism that athletes deserve and sports fans desire.  

To our Coach of the Year and his magical Mustangs:  this is your season.  May it never truly end.

All my love and support,

Laura Rogles Creager/”Sis”

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  1. To say I was honored to write this is an understatement! You have made this big sister’s heart soar. <3 We need more of the Homers Show in our crazy little world!!

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