10 Reasons Nicky Hayden was the coolest

10: The world’s strongest man, Mark Henry fan boyed for Nikki

9: Nicky Hayden’s Alpinestars Commercial

8: Nicky Hayden’s Oakley Commercial

7: Nicky Hayden’s Michelin Commercial

6: Nicky Hayden playing a dating game on the Today show

5: Nicky had a documentary movie made about him

4: Nicky sharing the spotlight with his brothers on Jay Leno

3: Nicky Hayden was named as one of People Magazine’s 50 hottest bachelors

2: Nicky will always be the 2006 MotoGP Champion

1: Michael Jordan was a massive Nicky Hayden fan

**RIP Nicky Hayden #RideonKentuckyKid